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A very experience escort

I have been working for Leyton escorts services for about six years now. During that time, I have seen a lot of things change in the escort business here in the UK. When I first started, there were very few escort agencies outside of central London. Now escort services seem to be springing up everywhere, and the industry is becoming more competitive than ever before. In fact, some of escort agencies in London have had to close down, or gone out of business.

One thing I have learned from my time with Leyton escorts of https://escortsinlondon.sx/leyton-escorts/, is that gents are looking for a cheaper date these days. As a matter of fact, some of the gents I am currently dating, used to date elite escorts in central London. London has now become so expensive to live in that many of them cannot do that anymore. A few years ago, girls who worked as in call escorts in central London, used to make a lot more money than outcall escorts. This is no longer the way.


One of my best friends works for an elite escort agency in central London. She has her own boudoir and is a very experience escort. At the moment, she says that she is struggling to make ends meet as the rents in central London are so expensive. She reckons that she has lost at least a third of her income in the last couple of months, and things are not getting any better. I keep telling her that she should join Leyton escorts, but she thinks it is more prestigious dating in central London.


Is there anything prestigious about being short of money? I certainly don’t think that there is anything prestigious about short of money. As a matter of fact, it does not make sense at all. Some escorts in London get this idea in their heads that they must work for an elite agency in central London. Sure, it is great if you are making lots of money, but when you are not, I think you need to be kind of realistic about it. I do not only prefer working for Leyton escorts, but I make more money as well.


Like all of the other girls who work for Leyton escorts, I work as an outcall escort. This means I go and visit my gents in their homes or at an agreed location. It is the best way to do things these days. Just like in call girls, we do certain shifts and get calls from the agency. When we get a call, we just go ahead and go to work. I love it, and there are many advantages to outcall escorting. You get a chance to do many of the things you would not have a chance to do if you worked as an in call escort. When I was an in call girl in Kensington, I did find that I did not get a lot of time to myself. This is something I don’t have to worry about at all here at Leyton escort services.