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Erotic food for couples


Before anything else let us discuss first what food is all about. Ever since the world began in the history of food related issues, food had always been linked into the desire of sex and it cannot be denied that there were so many revealed that their sexual desire and pleasure increases into such a very positive way. Though medical science does not really go into but this does not mean they did not support such kind of belief that food really give so much impact to sexual performance and desire.

As far as science is concerned they have conceded that there are different kinds of foods who owns physiological effect that could have the ability to raise body temperature, had the capability of encouraging the increased of energy level, it also develop the hormonal production, and could have change the levels of inhibitions and neurotransmitters. These observation had been to couples in which they have placebo effect, they have efficacy belief, and a probable account of the other foods who have gained for such aphrodisiacs.

According to study conducted by London escorts of, that the foods who had high content with aphrodisiacs are dark chocolates. Chocolates is a well-known complex kind of food and in today’s generation it is known to be a food who contains with Serotonin and Phenylethylamine which is a chemical content who will lift up the human brain. Once you eat dark chocolate will then, slightly rise blood pressure, bring mild euphoria, and being in love. Aside from that fact, dark chocolates also has flavanol antioxidants which plays a very helpful benefits to health.

Another food also were oysters, it is also have aphrodisiac with a little touch of scientific foundation on it.  This kind of food is healthier like any other foods in the market like eggs which a natural content that will give good benefits to human’s health as a whole. Aside from that there are mineral contents that would surely makes the body that healthy. Speaking of its mineral content it is where the properties that in able the testosterone level of a person will then increase and will then have the ability to stimulate arousal.

One last food that is good for romance are plant based foods. As this foods were being made with natural substances which super good to health of a person, and this natural plant based foods have aphrodisiac properties on it. These foods were vegetables, fruits and some spices that we normally found in the market. This are foods that we do not only eat because we want to be healthy physically these foods also we take were a kind of help in helping our sexual life more energize and healthy.

There were three kinds of food mentioned above that would be helpful in arousal and romance and this food is merely beneficial to our health all because our body needs the minerals that they have. We will make it sure that we will eat them for better sexual life and living.  Now that we had known its benefits to us let us then inform others in order for them be informed its benefits and they too will know how good it is to continue eating those kinds of food and if they are not eating it they will then eat it now.

Yes I do strongly believe that love goes around and no one knows when it comes and it goes. But as what I had found the study conducted by the London escorts I then found out that love itself will no longer flourish without asking any help from other resources like food.