From Kings Cross to Hollywood, and Back Again

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From Kings Cross to Hollywood, and Back Again

Some of the girls at Kings Cross escorts where really surprised when I turned up again. I had been talking about my passion of becoming an American porn star for a long time, and they knew I was desperate to give it a go. The road to becoming an American porn star was exactly straight, and although I finally got to enjoy my time in spotlight, it took me some time to get there.

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It was during my time with Kings Cross escorts, I met the most interesting gent. He was a British photographer who lived in the United States, and was looking for both adult and bikini models. I had done a little bit of modelling on the side of Kings Cross escorts, so the thought of modelling for him did not put me off at first. I even thought that an adult modelling career in the US would be a step in the right direction.

I left London on a snowy February morning. It does not often snow in London, but on this morning, the capital was covered under a blanket of perfect white snow. As the plane took off, I felt like I was missing out on something, but I would not realise how much I would miss London and Kings Cross escorts until a couple of years later. Los Angeles is fine, but it is nice with a change of scenery on occasion.

If you like, I hit the streets of Los Angeles running. I had already arranged to rent an apartment for three months in a conventient location in Los Angeles, and even checked out cars online. To make sure that I would not end up without an income, I had rented out my London flat which I had bought with my income from Kings Cross escorts. Before I knew, I was actually rather a popular adult model in Los Angeles, and my American career was going in the right direction.

Going to parties was part of the scene in Los Angeles, and I soon met a couple of gents from the top porn studios in Los Angeles. They had seen my pictures and thought that I could make a go of it. A couple of months later, I saw my name in light for the first time, and a year later, I had completed a couple of popular porn movies. During a return visit to London, it hit me that Los Angeles was really a dog eat dog kind of place, and I felt I missed my sugar babe days with Kings Cross escorts. Some porn stars do not realise that they have a very limited amount to make their money, but I tried to be sensible and left Los Angeles while I still had plenty of cash in the back. Now, I am back doing what I really love, and that is looking after my gents at the escort agency in Kings Cross in London. Yes, I miss the California sunshine from time to time, and when I am a bit older, I may just go back and live in California.