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Guilford Escorts on he wants to take care of me




For the last six months, I have been dating this really nice guy at Guilford escorts of Most of the time I don’t really get personally involved with any of my gents, but in recent months, I have become really attached to this guy. Now he is telling me that he loves me, and would like me to live the escort agency. But, I am not sure that I would like to move on. I like all of the girls that I work with and we have a good time together. Leaving and moving in with this gent would mean giving up a lot.


I think that I would be okay about if it was not for the fact that he has asked me to give up Guilford escorts and not see any of my girls again. My girls are my crew and we spend lots of time together at the escort agency. When we are not working, we enjoy each other company as well, and to be honest, the girls at the escort agency here in Guilford are my only true friends. A lot of it comes the fact that we have worked together for a long time, and know each other inside out.


My gentleman friend would also like me to move on to his house straight away. I know that he has a lovely home, and I like to spend time there, but would I like to give up my own apartment. One of the girls at the agency left last year to live with her boyfriend, and she rented out her apartment until she was sure that she had done the right thing. My friend thinks that I should sell the apartment and put the money in the bank. I have explained that the place is rather my retirement fond.


Also, if I ever get around to leaving Guilford escorts, I think that I would like to work for a while doing something else. Staying at home all day would probably drive me mad, and I am not sure that I am up for that at all. My guy has said that he does not want me to work at all. At the moment he is travelling on business a lot and he would like me to travel with him like his constant companion. It sounds okay, but I am not sure that just throwing everything in is the right thing to do.


One of the girls here at Guilford escorts have said that she thinks it sound a bit like this guy wants me to be his escort but not pay me. I have been thinking about those lines as well. He has offered to pay for all of my living expenses and stuff like that. The thing is that I would not be getting my own private income at all, and I am not sure how I feel about that at all. I have been used to having my own money, and I don’t think that I would want to go to somebody to ask for money. That would feel totally wrong somehow.