He caught my black knickers

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He caught my black knickers

I met my boyfriend in a really funny way, and it was actually a little bit embarrassing. A few months back, I moved into this new apartment in London. It is a great apartment with a huge great big balcony, so I started to spend more time out on the balcony. To make sure that I had enough space, I put up one of those rail you can hang you washing on. It was one of those you hung over the rail of your balcony. I thought it would be perfect for drying of my 24/7 escorts lingerie.

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At the time I was really busy at 24/7 escorts and was running around trying to do everything. One early morning as I was hanging out my lingerie to dry, I dropped a pair of black knickers on the balcony below. Cursing to myself, I leaned over and see if I could see the occupant of the apartment below. As I looked over the railings of the balcony, I heard the door open, and this guy looked up at me with my black knickers in his hand.

He was really handsome and as I smiled at him, he smiled back and asked me if I had any coffee. A couple of minutes later, I was having coffee with him in my living room, and telling him all about myself. It was kind of nice and I realised that I liked him a lot. Not only that but it was handy to have guy who was handy around. A single lady never knows when she is going to need some help, and I felt good around him as well.

A couple of days later when I finished my shift a bit earlier at 24/7 escorts, I asked him for dinner back at my place. We soon got to know each other a little but better, and before I knew it, we started to see a lot of each other. At first we were just friends but after a while, it was clear that we were becoming so much more than friends. He was the hottest and sexiest booty call I had since I joined 24/7 escorts in London.
The girls at the 24/7 escorts service I worked for in London were impressed by my new love interest. Not only was this guy really dishy, but at the same time he had one of those personalities that most women find attractive. It was kind of fluid and he was a generous kind of guy with his time. In fact, if you are a single lady and looking for a handy man, this guy is your dream man. A couple of months down the line, he is the man that most London 24/7 escorts call when they need a hand with something. Fortunately for me, he offers me all sorts of services and I love the way he can service all of my personal needs. But I will have to tell you more about that later…