Is it okay to pay for companionship?

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Is it okay to pay for companionship?

As escorting is becoming more and more popular, the debate about paid companionship rages on. We would not have dreamed about paying for companionship in the 1980’s but now it is more or less the norm to pay for companionship. Should we feel guilty about paying for companionship and to have the pleasure of spending time with a woman? Judy from Heathrow escorts don’t think that we should feel guilty about paying for companionship at all.

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“Being a professional companion is not anything new” says Judy. “Gentlemen have always enjoyed female companions which they have not been married to”, she continues with a smile. “ It is very much what we do here at Heathrow escorts and the girls often pride themselves on being good companions” According to Judy, the need for professional companions is greater now than ever before, and Heathrow escorts see their fair share of lonely businessmen who travel around. They often enjoy a good lifestyle, but many of them are lonely.

To make it as a top girl at Heathrow escorts, you do have to be an adorable sex kitten, but at the same time, you need to be able to offer gents a little bit more than that. Judy says that she has met a lot of girls who think that escorting is going to be easy. It is not easy at all, according Judy, and it takes a certain type of girl to make it big with an escort agency. You need to be special and really enjoy looking after the gents who need your services. If you don’t put your life and soul into escorting, you are not going to do well.

Judy says that she first started to work in the escort service, a lot of girls were just in it for the money. That has changed a lot not now according to Julie. The girls who work for Heathrow escorts do genuinely enjoy escorting and it is not all about the money. Professional escorts used to be a thing of the past, but they are now coming back. If you start looking around Judy says, you will find that more and more girls take the craft of escorting seriously.

What kind of girl makes a good escort? “ I think that a lot of girls would make good escorts, but they have to be prepared to appreciate that the profession has rather a steep learning curve” says Judy. “ I tell all of the girls who say that they would like to work for Heathrow escorts that it is a good job, but they need to be smart about it’ smiles Judy. “Personally I love putting myself out for my gents” says Judy,” and if you are prepared to do that. You can do very well within the escort service in London, or elsewhere. Judy is an elite escort and has plenty of experience of looking after gents from allover the world.