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Steamy and Sexy hook ups in London



The other girls at London Escorts call me the queen of one night stands. I must admit that I am really kind of addicted to steamy hook ups. The thing is that I get bored really quickly so dating a guy once or twice is enough for me. After that I never find the sex that exciting. It is okay but I need to feel that I get super turned on by the person that I am with. If I don’t. I simply consider it a complete waste of time.


Last week I met this really hot guy at a party. He offered to take me out for a day in the country when I had a day off from London Escorts. A couple of days later, he came around early in the morning to pick me up but we ended up having sex instead. He fell asleep in bed and after that it was too late to go for a drive in the country. We went out and had lunch and he invited me to stay with him at a top London hotel on Saturday night. I thought he was kind of hot so I took the night off from London Escorts from


It was sort of a business function that we had to go. His company were having special party and he wanted a glamorous companion. After that we were going to stay the night at the hotel. Once we got back to the hotel room, I stood in front of the big windows of the hotel room and dropped the sexy black dress I was wearing. That left me standing there in my knickers and stockings. It really turned him on and we had sex once over the bed. After that I took a shower and he joined me. To be honest, I know that I have now had enough of this guy. He simply is not exciting anymore.


When I look back at my life, I notice that I do this a lot. I chat up a guy, have a couple of hook ups with him and then just drop him. The girls that I work with at London Escorts think that I am addicted to the thrill of it, and it is not even the sex that makes me excited. They could well be right. I really do enjoy trapping a man, have my wicked way with him if you like and then just drop him. Sexually I am sure that these men would have a lot more to give me, but I am not sure that is what I am after.


Life has not always been like this and I really don’t know how I got involved in steamy hook ups. It happened before I joined London Escorts, I know that much but I don’t know how I got addicted to them. The thing is that I don’t feel guilty about dropping the guys that I meet. Many of them probably expect a lot more from the relationship but I don’t care. Once or twice is enough for me and I simply do not feel that I want them anymore. Am I a horrible person or am I just doing what a lot of men have done for many years? To be honest, I don’t think that I am that much different from many men and what they have always been doing.